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About the United Towns Agency

The UTA was founded in 1982 . It is accredited to the United Nations approved  ECOSOC in special consultative status since 1995. It is one of the oldest accredited NGO's in the United Nations and has access to the highest level of committees within the United Nations.

In 1975, about twenty national leagues, including the Italian, French and German leagues, actors of solidarity united around the same project "Towards a new model of prosperity and sustainable development: Peace, progress, prosperity through the man ". In 1980, the circle of humanitarian ambassadors grew exponentially, more than 500 committed people seeking to establish a framework for the improvement of North-South relations and to develop projects for disadvantaged urban communities. In 1990, H. BANDIER took the necessary steps to obtain an accreditation to the UN in the category of special consultative status.

The UTA exist to see a better world. The North South Cooperation is defined as a bridge of unity for development between the African continent (south) and Europe and Middle East (north). Our vision is to see an equal world where all nations prosper under the banner of unity, where racial barriers are eliminated, and equal opportunity is afforded to all.

Our Goals

Communities of Peace

Financial Inclusion

Education Literacy

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