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Executive Board

The Executive Board is composed of 5 members who are technically qualified in the field of sustainable development. Its members are elected for five years.

The main meeting of the Council, held in January, decides on the agenda of the General Assembly of the UTA and adopts the resolutions that will be submitted to it.

It holds a shorter second meeting in May, immediately after the General Assembly, on more administrative matters.

The main functions of the Executive Board are to implement the decisions and guidelines of the General Assembly and, in general, to facilitate its work.


General Assembly


The UTA General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body. Participants include members of the Council who work on issues prepared by the Executive Council of the Organization. Its main function is to determine the policy of the Organization. It appoints the Secretary-General, monitors the financial policy of the Organization, examines and approves the proposed program budget.


UTA Committee

Committees, boards and working groups are established by the Executive Council to assist the Executive Council in the realization of its current strategic priorities and to provide assistance and advice on matters pertaining to their respective areas of expertise. They do not make decisions, but rather provide recommendations to the Executive Board for review and approval. They review the terms of reference of committees at least every five years.

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