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Clarion Call for New National Charter in Libya

The General Secretariat of the United Cities Agency for International Cooperation called for a political settlement through the drafting of a new national charter that brings together all Libyans and crowns presidential and parliamentary elections. The Secretary-General of the United Towns Agency for International Cooperation, Eya Essif, said that achieving social stability and peace is a prerequisite for the success of economic choices. Essif explained during Wednesday's remarks that securing the transition to sustainable democracy will inevitably prepare for the transition towards sustainable development.

 She stressed that the holding of fair and transparent elections would reduce the friction and tension between the parties and avoids Libya the risks of chaos and conflict over legitimacy and thus perpetuate the crisis with the assumption of the assumption of Libyan sovereignty. The Secretary-General added that the presidential and legislative elections will inevitably help resolve the issue of legitimacy and representation that will be taken by the Libyans and repel any attempt to monopolize and direct it against the interests of the Libyan people. 

The success of these elections will enable Libya to establish the principle of peaceful transfer of power, to the stage of building a state of law and institutions and to carry out the necessary structural reforms that will help the Libyan economy recover. The Secretary-General concluded with the care of the United Cities Agency for International Cooperation to support all efforts and initiatives aimed at unifying the Libyans and to ensure the success of the democratic and economic transition.

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