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Digital Transformation creating positive disruption.

11/1/22, 10:00 PM

Great news is coming out of the continent of Africa. The United Towns Agency (a United Nations Ecosoc International Organization) has recently made a big announcement for their new urban agenda. With aims at creating financial inclusion and smart cities within the continent of Africa, the UTA has officially adopted the Majestic Star Chain( a unique blockchain) as the official blockchain for all African development projects under their purview. The UTA has oversight in almost 50 countries in Africa and will be using the Majestic Blockchain as a means to improve the lives of all. The blockchain will be used for a new financial system, a singular currency within the continent of Africa, and for many other projects such as documentation registry, education systems and even revolutionizing how votes will be used on the continent. “This is a big leap forward”, says Eya Essif, the head of the organization. “With this blockchain we can begin to focus on real change in a very tangible way. We are ready for all countries that are ready to implement this wonderful technology”.

The Blockchain is a savvy innovation created by the company Majestic Chain Technologies whom the  founder is Mr. Solomon Mwamba Wa Ngoy. Mr. Solomon was recently nominated in the UTA as President over the Sub-Saharan countries in Africa, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with his passion for justice and equality for all Africans. In January The UTA will be hosting a Financial Inclusion event inside the United Nations where there will be a roundtable with the most important decision makers in Africa attending to learn how to implement this new technology which will help reach the goal of debt elimination and financial inclusion. This will be the first of its kind inside the premises of the United Nations and for a host of African Leaders.

In addition to this blockchain adoption, the UTA announced that they have fully adopted into their organization the International Crypto Regulatory Fund. The ICRF will become a fully fledged branch of the UTA automatically giving the ICRF special United Nations status. The ICRF will stand as the advocate and sole authority to govern blockchain innovation within the African borders, and to ensure the proper use of any digital currency used on a blockchain within the African continent. The ICRF will work closely with African governments to help eliminate debt, create pathways for financial inclusion, develop and fund projects for developing countries in Africa, create a safe framework for all digital currencies in the blockchain space and secure IT infrastructure throughout Africa.

Perhaps we are seeing the tide change in the favor of all Africans. With the new alliances formed in the UTA, they stand as a formidable foe against systems of abject poverty and neo-colonialism.

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