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UTA Italy Presses for Greater Cooperation between North and South

UTA Rep Rosanna Roda takes charge in discussion for cooperation

The President of the Technical Committee for Economic Development and Cooperation, as well as the Representative of the Agency in Italy, Rossana Rodá, intervenes on behalf of the United Towns Agency for North-South Cooperation:

 "Cooperation between countries is essential in order to create socio-economic stability. The UN must verify and monitor that there is real cooperation among European and non-European countries. The Technical Committee has a moral obligation to provide guidelines for the concrete realization of targeted vocational training projects/programs.

There is talk of artificial intelligence, progress in new technologies, while even today there are no guidelines, no common training programs for certain countries. It is understood that it is unacceptable to still be talking about some countries as if it were twenty years ago.

The topic of Africa was discussed. It is not acceptable for discussions to revolve around issues that have been addressed for years without a clear solution. Africa has all the resources to be economically independent and stable. The actions of Europeans in those countries should be thoroughly examined—what kind of cooperation is truly in place? What common projects are being developed? Are the rights of Africans being protected?

It's clear that upstream, it's necessary to examine what is truly happening—immigration, African poverty, illiteracy are consequences of a system that doesn't work."

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